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121. Amatol Raceway - Elwood, NJ
Location The site of the Atlantic City Speedway lies hidden in the forest along Moss Mill Road. The "Atlantic City" Speedway was situated more than 25 miles to the west of Atlantic City, near Hammonton in Mullica Township, New Jersey. Locals frequently refer to it as the "Amatol Race ...
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122. How to Clean a Chimney
If you burn wood for heat, you need to clean your chimney to prevent chimney fires. He will show you how to SAVE MONEY by cleaning your chimney yourself. The right tools and a little elbow grease make it quick and easy to clean your chimney. Chimneys need periodic examination ...
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123. The Lost Town of Amatol - Elwood, NJ

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124. Fire Safety Tips
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Make sure all family members know what to do in the event of a fire. Draw a floor plan with at least two ways of escaping every room. Make a drawing for each floor. Dimensions do not need to be ...
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125. Firefighters Contain Massive Tire Blaze in Fairfield Township
From the AC Press Published: Monday, December 24, 2007 By BRIAN IANIERI Staff Writer, 609-463-6713 Click here for full article.
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126. Southern California Wild Fires September 2009
otherTab = document.getElementById('searchLocal'); 968 comments September 2, 2009 (Use j/k keys to navigate) Email to a friend Permalink bostoncom751:! Buzz ShareThis Wildfires in Southern California Angeles National Forest, in the hills outside of Los Angeles currently has several wildfires tearing through it, the largest of which - named the Station ...
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127. Franklin Township, NJ Firefighter, 21, Dies in House ...
By WAYNE PARRY The Associated Press Date of Incident: April 11, 2006 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, N.J. � A volunteer firefighter who led a team of colleagues into a burning house early Tuesday died after the floor on which he was standing dropped into the building's basement. A woman who lived in ...
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128. Overnight Fire Destroys Two Beach-Block Homes in Stone ...
From the AC Press Published: Friday, December 7, 2007 An overnight fire completely destroyed a home and severely damaged two others in the beach block of 104th Street in Stone Harbor, Friday Dec. 7, 2007. According to fire officials at the scene, the fire started approximately 12:30 a.m. Friday morning ...
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129. Perona Brothers Junkyard Fire Dec. 6th 1986
Enforcement Case Summary Case: Perona Brothers Junkyard Elwood, New Jersey Click read more for full article.
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130. Atlantic County Live Scanner Feed Frequencies
Frequency Description  154.31000 Fire 1 (Dispatch)  154.29500 Fire South  153.77000 Fire Portable 1  153.83000 Fire Portable 2  154.26500 Fire Mutual Aid (South Jersey Net)  154.01000 Egg Harbor, Township Fire (Patched with TRS) Fire 1 153.95000 Egg Harbor, Township Fire (Patched with TRS) Fire 2 154.35500 Fire 2 Fire ground 2  154.8150 Hamilton, Township Fire 1 153.9200 Hamilton, Township Fire 2 ...
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131. Estell Manor Route 557 crash kills 18-year-old woman
From the AC Press Published: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 ESTELL MANOR A young woman was killed Tuesday night when her car collided with a truck at the intersection of Route 557 and Cumberland Avenue, State Police said. The accident happened at 8:27 p.m., when the 18-year-old woman entered the intersection and ...
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132. 3 New Jersey Firefighters Punished for Improper Smoke ...
From: EMERSON, N.J.-- The state has sanctioned three high-ranking firefighters for a drill that went awry. The Division of Fire Safety has barred Chief Thomas Carlos, Deputy Chief Mark Savino and Lt. Rich Solimando from running the scene at an emergency call or serving as officers for periods of ...
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133. Incident #105 - 2007: MVA Assist and LZ ...
Mullica Crash Injures Maryland Woman From the Atlantic City Press Published: Wednesday, December 5, 2007 MULLICA TOWNSHIP - A Maryland woman was seriously injured Tuesday night when her vehicle veered off Route 30 and struck several trees, police said. Trina Cunningham, 48, was driving west in the left lane on ...
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134. FOLSOM - Three-car crash injures six
From The Press of Atlantic City Published: Monday, December 24, 2007 Six people were injured in a three-car accident early Sunday afternoon. The accident occurred at about 12:56 p.m. at Eighth Street and Route 322, according to State Police at the Buena Vista Township barracks. Police said a driver traveling ...
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135. Site Disclaimer
Copyright; 2007- 2009 Elwood Vol Fire Company (EVFC). All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or redistribute without written permission from EVFC. This site is authored and maintained for the EVFC by Firefighter Chuck Brining and is fully responsible for the content of this site. Some articles are taken from news ...
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136. NEW JERSEY FOREST FIRES - April 30, 1900
Nine More Houses Burned in Atlantic County - Danger Increasing April 30, 1900, Wednesday Click here for full article.
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137. Elwood Vol Fire Company 2009 Fund Raiser
Dear Neighbor, It is that time of year again when the Elwood Vol Fire Company begins its annual fund drive. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely that those of you who donate so generously last year. It is because of your kind generosity that we are able ...
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138. Historical Photos and Articles Wanted
If you have any old Photos or Newspaper articles of Elwood Fire Company related events such as fires, parades or other events please let us know. Chuck Brining - Editor - Nathan Brining - Web Master - Elwood Vol. Fire Co. P.O. Box 223 Elwood, NJ 08217 (609)-561-1992
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139. Atlantic County Live Scanner Feed Information
Feed Details function changePlayer(a,feedId) { var link; var image; idToUpdate = 'l-' +; image = ""; if (a.value == 1) { link = "/scripts/playlists/1/" + + "/189173-5003924228.asx"; } else if (a.value == 2) { link = "/scripts/playlists/1/" + + "/189173-5003924228.ram"; } else if (a.value == 3) { ...
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140. 17th Annual Golf Tournament 2018
Not available ...
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141. 17th Annual Golf Tournament 2018 - No caption
Not available ...
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142. 17th Annual Golf Tournament 2018
Not available ...
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143. California Wild Fires September 2009

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144. 17th Annual Golf Tournament 2018
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145. Truck Check 7:00pm
Truck Check
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146. Mullica Township's 14th Annual Halloween Parade
12:30 p.m. Registration begins at Town Hall. All ages are welcome to join in the fun. Prizes awarded for prettiest, most original, scariest costumes. Treat bags for everyone compliments of local donations. For more information contact the Clerk's Office 561-0064.
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147. MS Bike Tour
September 29th & 30th- MS Bike Tour - between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. will be traveling through Mullica Township. The route traveled will be down Moss Mill onto Elwood Road. Bikers begin in Cherry Hill and travel 75 miles to Ocean City. 6,000 Riders are expected ...
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148. Truck Check
Truck Check
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hours for Trick or Treating - 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Please be safe, wear reflective clothing, carry a flash light, stay in groups!
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150. 2018 Golf Tournament Reg Form & Flyer
Not available ...
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