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1. Info
Click here for more information. Contact Information Chuck Brining - Editor - Nathan Brining - Web Master - E-mail a EVFC Member Elwood Vol. Fire Co. P.O. Box 223 Elwood, NJ 08217 (609)-561-1992 Map to The Elwood Vol. Fire Company Check out past pages below
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2. Links to Atlantic County Fire Companies
Map of Atlantic County Fire Station Atlantic County Firefighters Fire Training Center Hammonton Fire Department Nesco Vol Fire Company Laureldale Fire Rescue, Station 18-3 Cologne Vol. Fire Department, Station 18-5 Mays Landing Fire Department, Station 18-1 Absecon City Volunteer Fire Department Galloway Township Fire Departments Northfield Fire Department Dorothy Volunteer ...
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3. History of The Elwood Volunteer Fire Company
After an especially dry March with high winds and a plaguing epidemic of grass and brush fires that endangered homes in and around Elwood a group of civic minded citizens decided to organized a volunteer fire company. These men believing in the old adage "A man's home is his ...
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4. World Financial News

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5. Visitor Stats
Last Week Vistor Chart Monthly Vistor Chart Yearly Vistor Chart More Stats Monthly Visitor Cart 2008
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6. Atlantic County Fire Departments Total Calls 2006
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7. NJ State Firemen's Convention- Wildwood
Members of the Elwood Vol. Fire Company once again attended this years Firemen's Convention in Wildwood. Twelve of us drove down and four Delegates attended the meeting. We looked at the latest fire/rescue equipment and vendors. We also met firemen from all over New Jersey and well as met up ...
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8. Incident #75: Cover Laureldale Station 18-3
Engine 16-3 and Support 16-1 responded for a cover assignment Laureldale Station 18-3 while they were at Weaton Plastics in Mayslanding for a structure fire. Click read more for newspaper article. Click here for More Photos. While on stand by, Elwood responded to a car fire on Rt 322 west ...
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9. Atlantic County Fire Departments Total Calls 2007
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10. Forest Fire Water Supply at Hammonton
August 4th, 2007 at 8:45pm. Tanker 16-5 and support 16-1 responded to the Hammonton/Burlington county line for water supply and stand by for a large forest fire. Tanker 16-5 filled forest fire trucks and stood by until 8:00 am Sunday morning. Three different crews switched off during the night to ...
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11. Incident #77: Propane Leak
Engian 16-3 responed to a report of a propane leak and the Mullica Mobial Home Park on Rt 30 at 4:45pm. On arrival they found propane leaking inside of the trailer. The crew shut off the propane at the bottles and ventelated the residents. The owner who was complaining of ...
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From the Mullica Twp Police web site FATAL MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT ON US30 On June 13th at 3:37 pm the Mullica Twp Police dept (and Elwood Fire Company) responded to a motor vehicle accident at US30 the White Horse Pike and Darmstadt ave. The collision involved two vehicles and a ...
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13. EVFC Incident #60 07/17/2011 at 5:30am - White ...
Rescue 16-2 responded with a full crew. All Station 160 units were clear at 6:05am .autotagframe10 { float:left; padding:5px; margin-right:15px; width:210px; border: silver solid; border-width: 1px; text-align:center; }
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14. Call Breakdown 2006
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15. Incident# 76: Electrical Fire
Engine 16-3 and Tanker 16-5 responded to a report of an electrical fire at a residents on Weymouth Rd near Reading. On arrival E-16-3 found an electric light on the outside of the house on fire. Fire crews made to situation safe and turned the scene over to Police & ...
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16. Incident#68: Roll Over
On 8-20-2007 at 9:55 am A Vehicle was traveling Southbound on Pleasantmills road when a deer ran out of the woods and struck his vehicle. The driver lost control of his vehicle and rolled over. Rescue 16-4 responded and used the jaws to remove the driver from the vehicle.
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17. Nesco House Fire
On Monday, July 9th, around 5:30 P.M., A residence on Moores Avenue was involved in a fire. The cause of the fire was determined to be accidental. The fire started from a gas grill located in an outside kitchen area attached to the house. No injuries reported. Tanker 16-5 and ...
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18. Stuff of the Day
Word of the Day #WordOfTheDay {width:100%;border:1px #006600 solid;background-color:#FFFFFF} #WordOfTheDay H3 {font:bold 12pt '';color:#006600} #WordOfTheDay TD.WoDLeft {font:bold 10pt '';color:#006600} #WordOfTheDay TD {font:normal 10pt '';color:#006600} #WordOfTheDay A precede Definition: Furnish with a preface or introduction. Synonyms: preface, premise, introduce document.getElementById("tfd_wod_div").style.display="" Word of the Day provided by The Free Dictionary Article of ...
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19. MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT On 8-7-2007 at 1:02 pm
From the Muillica Twp Police Web Site (Names have been removed) MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT On 8-7-2007 at 1:02 pm A vehicle was traveling Eastbound on US 30 near Hammonton when the driver made a lane change and lost control of his pickup truck. The cause of the accident was determined ...
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20. Sweetwater Regatta
Subject: Sweetwater Regatta set for August 11 (From the Hammonton News) The 11th annual Sweetwater Regatta, or better know as Timmy's Regatta, is (Saturday) Aug. 11 at the Sweetwater Casino, 2780 Seventh Ave., Sweetwater. Proceeds from this year's event will benefit four-year-old Laura Jo Hawn who is diagnosed with leukemia. ...
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21. Truck Check
Truck Check
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22. Monthy Meeting 2nd Nom of Officers
Monthy Meeting. 2nd Nomination of Officers
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23. Fire Prevention Week 2007
Practice Your Escape Plan!" that's the message of Fire Prevention Week 2007. It's not enough just to have a fire escape plan. To escape safely from a home fire you've got to make sure that everyone in the home has practiced the plan as well. According to a poll ...
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24. Fire Prevention Presentation at Mullica School
Elwood Fire Company will be doing a Fire Prevention presentation at the Elwood School.
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25. Structure Fire 8-6-20
Not available ...
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26. Part 1 - Incident #72 08/06/2020 at 7:57am ...
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27. Structure Fire 4-17-20 Part 7
Not available ...
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28. Call # 28 Fire Alarm 4/28/20
Not available ...
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29. Incident #84 08/23/2020 at 1:27pm - 4004 E ...
Not available ...
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30. Fire Truck Crash
How about? "Oops Curbed it" --- Chuck Brining Website Editor - ---Chuck Brining Website Editor -
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