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Tuesday, October 03 2023 @ 02:16 am EDT
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We Will Never Forget - 9-11 Tribute Video

Fire-Rescue News

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EVFC Incident #92 09/09/2023 at 9:37am - 3339 S White Horse Pike in Elwood for an outside smoke condition

IncidentsReceived call for an outside smoke condition. On arrival nothing was found.
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Elwood Vol Fire Company After The 1982 Fire


 EVFC160 After the 1982 fire

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EVFC Incident #91 08/29/2023 at 5:45pm - 14 Mullica Way in Elwood for an Electrical Hazard

IncidentsChecked house with thermal camera and secured power and called Atlantic City Electric.
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EVFC Incident #90 08/27/2023 at 12:58pm - 5310 River Dr in Sweetwater for an Electrical Fire

IncidentsStaged at 5th ave and river dr. Clear by command.
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Forest Fire News Article 1963


 Forest Fire 1963 News Article

Spring 1963 was probably the worst for fires we ever had. Dry with high winds. As I recall the big  fire started in Newtonville and spread toward Elwood in addition to other fires around the township.  Jumped the Black Horse pike and headed our way.  Was one of the first times I could recall all apparatus was constantly rolling and the fire house empty. 

The fire came as close as the current post office to the center of Elwood and to north west side of Locust Street at Nathan Morgan's field.  (Before the Post office the site was an open air road side drive-in known as the Sip n Snack.) 
We had trucks from everywhere lined up along Locust Street, practically the full length.  As trucks did not have radios then CBer's came to aid and followed the trucks for communication and dispatch.  The attached newspaper article, explains what was done and was a great benefit for coordination.  In addition to Atlantic County, we had help from Camden, Gloucester and Cumberland Counties (I am probably forgetting some). There was a long list of towns who sent trucks our way.  I even remember some street sweeper trucks (with water) coming over the bridge from Philadelphia. 
Both Salvation Army and Red Cross had canteens set up at the fire house to feed the troops. 
The CBer's proved to me what the term "Community Resources" really means in times of need. 
Joe Sorrentino


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EVFC Incident #89 08/26/2023 at 8:16am - Elwood Rd and Rt 30 in Elwood for a Motor Vehicle Crash with Entrapment

IncidentsAssisted police with traffic control extricated after coroner examination.
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